We are more than just a team.

Stegman’s Soccer Club has more than 100 active members, is owned by our supporters, fields teams in all major leagues in the Twin Cities, hosts social events of all types throughout the year, and works hard to give back to the community, every year raising thousands of dollars and volunteering hundreds of hours for organizations like The Sanneh Foundation, Second Harvest Heartland and more.

Soccer is our unifying passion.

Currently, our teams compete in the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League (MASL), Minnesota Recreational Soccer League (MRSL), Minnesota Amateur Indoor League (The League) and various other leagues around the Twin Cities. We also founded Minneapolis City SC of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). There is hardly a day all year that doesn’t see someone in blue and white stripes playing organized soccer.

Our trophy cabinet is awfully full.

Our premier team, Stegman’s 1977, has been around since, well, 1977 and has picked up a fair few shiny objects over the years: 15 MASL Division 1 titles and 9 Minnesota Cups. Not bad. Our other teams have won titles in other divisions of the MASL and MRSL as well.

We have free beer and a no assholes rule.

Adult sports are kind of silly, and we make them sillier. Why not? We’ve missed our window for the Premier League (assuming we ever had one), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. So we went out and got sponsors: Summit Brewing, Stimulus Athletic, Honey Mpls Nightclub and Holger Dental Group. They provide the free beer. And our kit. And parties. Dental care too, because you can never be too careful about your teeth. And, while we demand commitment and competitiveness from our players, we also demand that you’re not an asshole.